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quality control technical workers at American International Foods, Inc.Welcome to American International Foods, Inc.,
your link in the food chain!
We are leaders in the food ingredient supply chain who leverage our deep relationships with hundreds of food ingredient producers around the world to provide food and beverage manufacturers the highest quality
materials at the best possible prices.

For our Customers, we strive to create value by offering a robust product line, customized buying programs, one-stop convenience, unparalleled customer service and deep technical support. Our global partners meet rigorous quality standards to ensure they engage in the best food ingredient production practices that comply with the USDA, USP#1, FCC IV and Organic standards. We help our customers develop new supplier options and source innovative ingredient selections. We hustle behind the scenes to ensure smooth and consistent order fulfillment, delivered to 48-states through our just-in-time distribution network. Our experienced sales people are knowledgeable in the confectionary, baking, dairy, fruit and vegetable processing, beverage, meat processing, sauce and dressing and pickling and brining industries.

For our Vendors at home and abroad, we offer a cost-effective vehicle to gain market share through our LTL distribution system and a well-established network of customers who have come to trust us through excellence in customer service. We extend your reach, reduce your cost of sales, and in times of over production, provide you flexible opportunities to turn your inventory.

Please use our site to familiarize yourself with our Value Proposition, our Product Line, the Industries we serve, our Special Services and Case Studies of ways we can save your company time and money. Be sure to Subscribe to our Market Reports for the latest interpretation and intelligence in the global commodities market. Contact us for specification sheets, quotes, or general information. Thank you for visiting American International Foods, Inc., your link in the food chain.

We Supply the World's
Finest Food Ingredients :

• Sweeteners
• Dairy
• Chemicals (food grade)
and Processing Aids
• Eggs
• Flour
• Food Colorings
• Acidulants
• Maltodextrin
• Oats
• Oils
• Vegetable Proteins
• Spices
• Organics
• Starches
• Salts
• Gums
• Humectants