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We are a leading source of fine food ingredients for:

• Confectionary Industry

• Beverage Industry

• Baking Industry

• Meat Processing Industry

• Fruit & Vegetable Processing Industry

• Pickling and Brining Industry

• Salad Dressing & Sauces Industry

• Dairy Processors

Market Reports:

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American International Foods, Inc. serves a wide range of food manufacturing industries with top grade food ingredients from around the world. All of our suppliers meet rigorous standards and inspections. Our expertise across sectors is deeply technical and highly competitive. We stay on top of trends within the industries we serve to give our customers the best value.

confection industry illustration of jujubes Confectionary Industry
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The Confectionary Industry is one of the most dynamic and innovative sectors within the food industry. Because the industry is dependent on consumer impulse purchases, we know how vital it is to preserve affordability with the most competitive sourcing possible. Talk to us about our full line of sweeteners, dairy, colors, food grade additives and chemical program buying.
soda cans Beverage Industry
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One of the greatest challenges for our beverage manufacturers is matching pace with consumer demand for more healthy products with “cleaner” ingredients. Our customers in the Beverage Industry rely on our extensive expertise with all types of sweeteners, from natural sugar to chemical and organic derivatives. We are able to supply a wide, innovative range of options for new product exploration, reformulation and existing production.
grain Baking Industry
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Our clients in the Baking industry rely on American International Foods to acquire a range of raw materials such as sugars, dairy, flour, NFDM, whey, salt, oats, maltodextrin and FD&C colors. In addition, we help our customers during times of peak production by performing much of the legwork to find new ingredients or sources. We provide our customers innovative solutions to create superior taste profiles that cater to an increasingly health-conscious market in this sector. Talk to us about competitive and highly customized buying programs.
dairy processing Dairy Processing Industry 
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The key challenge in sourcing dairy ingredients is the volatility of market pricing. This is where AIFI’s market savvy serves our customers exceedingly well. Our team tracks market activity closely to make the most competitive recommendations available. We recognize the importance of product development, improving processing methods, and reducing costs for our dairy processors. We’re your partner in creating low-fat products with “rich taste” to compete in the marketplace.
meat processing Meat Processing Industry
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Food safety and competitive pricing are critical issues in the Meat Processing industry. At American International Foods, we know the vital role accurate tracking, inspection and preservation play in the Ready-to-Eat market. We can help maintain your productivity and high throughput with our customized LTL delivery system, and fatten your tight margins with cost-effective solutions. Above all else, you can count on us for our impeccable food safety standards.
fruit and vegetable processors Fruit & Vegetable Processing Industry
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Our most valuable contribution to our customers in the Fruit and Vegetable Processing Industry is our ability to respond to needs quickly during  pack peaks. Just-in-time delivery, superior customer service and extra help sourcing ingredients helps keep you  operating at optimal efficiency. Our competitive pricing  preserves your bottom line.
assorted spices Pickling and Brining Industry
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Our clients in this sector face challenges in the management of a plethora of small ingredients, market volatility, and the need for LTL pricing and delivery that is both timely and competitive. We are a valuable partner with a full line of products designed to provide “one stop sourcing” plus the advantages of consolidated buying power.
formulation Salad Dressing & Sauces Industry
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Our clients in this sector face similar challenges as the pickling and brining industry in terms of the management of a plethora of small ingredients, market volatility, and the need for LTL pricing and delivery that is both timely and competitive. This industry also benefits from our consolidated buying power. Our market savvy helps track the volatile oil and dairy markets to give you good buying advice.

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